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Macroeconomics Text Book & Study Guide for Sale [08-26-03] [10:45]
Macroeconomics by McConnell and Brue - 15th Edition - ISBN 0-07-234089-4

Death in the form of 150 80 questions [06-06-03] [03:51]
Good luck on the final everyone. -Hom

Mother of all Guides [06-06-03] [03:42]
The final study guide is completed and ready for download. All terms are defined. It should print nicely onto three pages. Now to study for the Spanish final. Reference(s): Macroeconomics by McConnell and Brue, Lecture Notes by Eric Walukiewicz

Econ Insomnia [06-05-03] [21:45]
Somehow I've managed to finish all of Wally's assignments. Wait, I know exactly how; it was by NOT SLEEPING! Going to start the final study guide now. For those interested in a copy, my recommendation would be to check back tomorrow morning, assuming I manage to say awake.

Fly to Win [05-29-03] [20:05]
Thank you for choosing WallyAir, with nonstop flights to Insanity. This week we are serving you debates, term papers, stock portfolios, and TWO finals. Vomit bags provided on request.

Final Study Guide [05-29-03] [20:05]
Wally has posted the final study guide. Anyone have time to work on it? I certainly don't.

Chapters 7 to 11 Study Guide Available [04-10-03] [17:35]
Actually finished early this time. You might want to familiarize yourself with the graphs in Chapter 11 (the ones on the PowerPoint presentation in class) as the test will require that you "Be able to do all of the graphing that is illustrated in the chapter." Reference(s): Macroeconomics by McConnell and Brue

Chapter 11 Online Quizzes [04-09-03] [17:30]
Both Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 for Chapter 11 are due by 9:00 PM this Thursday night.

Test On Chapters 7 Through 11 Friday April 11th [04-09-03] [17:30]
Download the study guide here.

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